AIR CONDITIONING SERVICES IN KATY TX – What Type of Services to Choose

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June 3, 2020

AIR CONDITIONING SERVICES IN KATY TX – What Type of Services to Choose

Air Conditioning

How and what type of Air Conditioning to choose

AIR CONDITIONING SERVICES IN KATY TX: With the onset of summer, the urge to have air conditioning is at its peak. If one is not able to afford central air conditioning, room air conditioners are cheap and a power-efficient substitute for cooling small areas.

According to statistics, 13 percent of the annual utility bill of a typical household is spent on therefore it is significant to choose an optimum unit for your use. If the unit is small it will be of no use as it will not be able to cool the room at all, on the other hand, if the unit is too big, it will surely cool the room quickly but not getting enough time to remove enough moisture, turning the room into cold humid space as well as it will drastically increase your electricity bill.

Before taking in account the price and features of the unit it is important to examine the area to be cooled plus in other words where you are going to place the unit.

In order to measure the size of the room just multiple rooms length into width, also taking in consideration the height of the room. The Power of most units is measure in BTU (British Thermal Unit). Do not look for higher BTU, instead, look for a unit with BTU’s that matches your room/space requirements.



Factors to Be Considered While Choosing Air Conditioning Unit

Also, consider the following factors while choosing a unit for your space:

  • Reduce the capacity by 10-12 percent if the area where you are going to use the air condition unit is under a certain shade.
  • Increase the capacity by 10-12 percent if the area where you are going to use air condition unit gets extra sunlight.
  • Also consider the number of individuals that will often occupy the space, roughly add 600 BTU for additional individual
  • Increase the capacity of the unit by 4000-5000 BTU if is to be placed in hot space such as the kitchen.

Next, determine which type of unit suits your use most. Broadly air conditioning units are of three types

  • Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners are considered to be the most energy-efficient and fast cooling air conditioning unit but they require a duct/window in the wall of the room to be placed.

  • Portable Air Conditioners

Portable air conditioners where the installation of any kind of air conditioning unit is not possible. A portable air conditioner also allows one to move the air conditioning unit from one room to another providing multiple benefits.

  • Split Air Conditioners

Split ductless air conditioners are the smartest way for having air conditioning in a limited number of rooms without having to open up a duck in the room.

The air conditioning market is very diverse and full of multiple options for consumers, but one should consider all the above-mentioned factors while considering which air condition unit they should choose for their specific use. Consult a specialist for your assistance so that you can get the best option for your use.

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