Heating and air services

The process of installing AC and heating units is laborious. It requires technical expertise, relevant tools, and a whole lot of patience. Good thing we have skilled professionals who are willing to lend help. Here at Top Service, we have the best technicians of Katy, TX. They have been providing HVAC services to the community for decades.
With this service at hand, you do not need to spend hours fussing over repairing the units. Or let alone pay large amounts to amateur technicians. Our technicians will arrive at your place and provide prompt repair or installation, as required. Top Service HVAC services are not only reliable, but they are also cost-effective. Besides that, we are available 24/7 and respond to spontaneous appointments.

AC repair and installations

If you are constantly delaying the maintenance of your AC, we suggest you act now. Because summers in Katy, TX can get scorching hot. With the help of our HVAC services, you can hire a professional technician for all kinds of AC maintenance needs. Our technicians are available night-and-day and cater to AC repair emergencies.
Upon booking the service, a Top Service technician will arrive at your place with all the relevant tools. He will identify the issue and suggest feasible solutions. Depending on the problem, he will repair the unit or replace it with a new one. While doing so, the technician will gladly answer all your queries and concerns.

Air duct cleaning

Clean air ducts are crucial – especially if one suffers from asthma or dust allergies. Sure, there are ample videos on the internet that show how it is done. But, the process itself is laborious and requires skills and special tools. This is where professionals like us come in. Our HVAC services include exceptional air duct cleaning. We cater to both residential and commercial areas in Katy, TX.
The community recognizes us for maximizing the potential of their air ducts and improving the air quality. Our technicians are equipped with relevant tools to ensure speedy cleaning. From sanitizing to removing molds, they will ensure that no spec of dirt is left behind.

Heat pump replacement

Heat pumps are a blessing in changing weather conditions. They are multipurpose and are likely to last a lifetime. However, these heavy-duty machines can stop functioning due to varying reasons. In situations like these, it is ideal to seek professional help. As a part of our extensive AC maintenance services, we offer heat pump repairs and replacements as well.
Our technicians are well-versed in this domain and provide prompt solutions. The team will arrive at your place and analyze the issue. They will either fix the issue and repair the unit or install a new one. Our electrical services are not only reliable, but they are also cost-effective.

Boiler replacement

Boilers are essential household units. If your boiler has stopped functioning and investing in costly repair service is out of the question, we suggest you look into boiler replacement instead. Top Service technicians have been serving the Katy, TX community for many successful years. The community can vouch for our HVAC services.
Our technicians are professionally trained. They are well-versed in handling boiler issues and provide efficient boiler replacement service. All you need to do is book an appointment, and we will send our best technician to your place. They will carefully analyze the issue and install a new heating unit. Besides that, you do not need to worry about cleaning the mess because the technicians will take out the trash as they leave.

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