Electrical Services /Electrical industry in US 2020

May 18, 2020
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June 3, 2020

Electrical Services /Electrical industry in US 2020

Electrical Service

Electrical Services /Electrical industry in US 2020

Advancement and development in the electrical industry have eased our busy lives by providing a variety of electrical services. This development has increased the demand for the installation of complex and advanced electrical systems like transformers, distribution boards, electrical floors, etc. In the US many companies are giving their industrial and commercial electrical services, contractors, and engineers in the electrical industry, these companies have skilled electricians. Currently, there are over 625,000 electricians employed in America, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected that there will be almost 715,000 by 2024. That’s a rate of growth that almost any industry would envy. The electrical performed includes new work, additions, alterations, maintenance and repairs in homes, offices, or industries.

Electrical Service

Electrical Services may perform the following services:

  • Electric light or power installation
  • Electric wiring installation on construction projects
  • Repair or maintenance of electrical wiring (except electricity transmission or distribution lines)
  • Domestic exhaust fans installation
  • Closed-circuit video surveillance systems installation
  • Communication wiring and cabling installation
  • Repairs and maintenance of communication and electrical equipment
  • electrical work at a site and services sells and installs electrical equipment

In the United States, the estimated number of electrical companies that are operating is over 3,3000, and around 200 of them providing power to the majority of users.

Top 20 companies providing electrical services in the USA

When there are lots of options out there its difficult and confusing to find and choose the best electrical service provider that meets your need (like budget). Here is a list that has been sorted among thousands of companies just to help you in taking the right decision in a short time.

List of top 20 electrical companies in the USA 


  Ranking Company Headquarters Contact No.
  1 Call Top Service Houston, Texas to Katy, Texas



  2 Rosendin Electric San Jose, CA +1 408-321-2200


  3 MYR Group, Inc Rolling Meadows, IL +1 847-290-1891


  4 Cupertino Electric, Inc San Jose, CA +1 408-808-8000
  5 Henkels & McCoy Group, Inc. Blue Bell, PA +1 215-283-7600


  6 MDU Construction Services Group, Inc. Bismarck, ND +1 701-530-1353
  7 M.C. Dean, Inc. Tysons, VA +1 703-802-6231


  8 MMR Group, Inc. Baton Rouge, LA +1 225-756-5090


  9 IES Holdings, Inc. Houston, TX +1 713-860-1500
  10 Faith Technologies, Inc. Menasha, WI +1 920-225-6500


  11 Helix Electric, Inc. San Diego, CA +1 858-535-0505
  12 ArchKey Solutions St. Louis, MO 1 636-492-7500
  13 The Newtron Group, LLC Baton Rouge, LA +1 225-927-8921


  14 Power Design, Inc. St. Petersburg, FL +1 727-210-0492
  15 Facility Solutions Group, Inc. Austin, TX +1 512-440-7985


  16 Hunt Electric Corp. Bloomington, MN +1 651-646-2911


  17 Redwood Electric Group, Inc. Santa Clara, CA +1 408-450-4800


  18 Cache Valley Electric Co. Logan, UT +1 435-752-6405
  19 Bergelectric Corp. Carlsbad, CA (760) 638-BERG (2374)
  20 Walker Engineering, Inc. Irving, TX +1 817-540-7777

These companies offer a wide range of services for homes and businesses that include everything from custom electrical work at the site (e.g. installing wiring), services electrical equipment at the site and may also perform the combined activity of selling and installing electrical equipment to landscape lighting to wiring a whole house generator. Growth in this industry is creating more career opportunities for electricians.

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