Water damage

Dealing with water damage can be tricky. It requires technical skills, special tools, and a lot of patience. However, if not controlled professionally, the situation can cause serious damage to your property. This is where Top Service comes in. As a part of our outstanding electrical services, we repair water damage as well.
We have been providing water repair to the residents of the Katy community for many years. Our technical experts are well-versed in this domain. They employ advanced equipment and techniques to efficiently pump-out the water. Furthermore, they carefully monitor the property and do not leave until it is thoroughly dried.

Water extraction

Water restoration services can be overwhelming. Especially if you hire amateurs to do the work. Water damages are serious problems and must be tackled by professionals. As a part of our outstanding electrical services, we also cater to water extraction.
We employ powerful pumps and industrial vacuum units to remove gallons of water from the property. Our team will not leave until the property is completely dried out. Besides that, they will also prevent bad odors and harmful molds from spreading and worsening the situation.

Flood damage

Anyone who has faced flood damage would know how important it is to immediately seek professional help. We at Top Service aim to avert the widespread damages caused in such situations. Our professional teams are readily available 24/7 and cater to all kinds of flood damage emergencies. We will promptly pump out gallons of water and dry out the affected property. During the process, they will gladly answer all your queries and not leave the place until the work is completely done.

Sewage cleanup

Sewage spill is an ugly sight. Not only does it make the toilet unavailable for use, but the delay in its cleanup can put your health at risk. The overflown waste contains widespread bacteria and viruses that can contaminate your water and cause hepatitis; clearly, sewage cleanup is not an amateur’s job.
Top Service is home to cleanup professionals who have been serving the Katy community for years. With our outstanding plumbing services at hand, you do not need to worry about cleaning up, sanitizing, or eliminating the bad odor. All you need to do is book an appointment and wait for the Top Service cleanup team to arrive. They are equipped with the necessary tools and provide prompt services with a positive attitude.

Mold remediation

Indoor and outdoor molds are more common than you think. An unnoticeable dripping pipe is all it takes for mold to grow. If immediate professional help is not taken, it can multiply within 48 hours and spread irritants. Top Service offers professional mold remediation service all over Katy, TX. Our team has dealt with all kinds of residential and commercial mold problems.
Once the team arrives at your place, they will inspect the situation and identify the source of the problem. They will fix the leaking and effectively remove the mold. Besides that, the team also brings their own equipment, so no time is wasted in making arrangements. Our electrical services are budget-friendly and readily available 24/7.

Fire damage

When a property suffers from a fire outbreak, widespread damages are inevitable. Once the firetruck normalizes the situation, you are not only left with fire and smoke damage but chaotic flooding as well. Top Service is home to fire restoration professionals who have been trained to deal with post-fire situations. All you need to do is book an appointment with us and wait for our team to arrive. Our electrical services are available 24/7, so you can expect a prompt response from our side. The fire restoration team is well-versed; they will efficiently clean up and restore the property to brand new. No one would be able to suspect that your property previously suffered from fire damage.

Smoke damage

The aftermath of fire eruptions is unfortunate. Apart from widespread water damage and flooding, smoke damage is to be feared the most. The toxic particles settle all around and can cause serious damage to you and your family’s health. Therefore, situations like these must be handled by professionals.
As a part of our reliable electrical services, we cater to emergency smoke restoration as well. Top Service has the best fire restoration professionals who have been serving the Katy, TX community for many years. Our team will arrive at the damaged property and handle the disastrous situation from there onwards. They will minimize the smoke odor and clean the walls, carpets, and furniture.


If your home or office has a weak infrastructure, then leakage issues are bound to happen. Situations like these escalate from slow dripping to widespread stormwater seeping through the roofs. During times like these, DIY methods are not the most reliable. Therefore, Top Service is here to provide reliable electrical services.
We are home to waterproofing professionals who offer comprehensive solutions. Our team will arrive at your place and identify the source of the issue. They will efficiently waterproof the weak structures and ensure protection from future damages. Our team is readily available at all times, so, in times of waterproofing emergencies, you can count on us.

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